eco M/T

eco M/T (empty)

For safe, non-hazardous shipping, use your eco M/T. In 2007, alternative replacements to disposable cylinders were introduced. The ecosmart program has solved the issue of what to do with empty cylinders. There is now a true pathway to return cylinders that offers an end of life recycling program. Gasco, a leading innovator in the Calibration Gas industry, developed the eco M/T, an accessory to their ecosmart cylinders. What is the eco M/T? It’s a tool that makes returning your cylinder simple and safe. When your ecosmart cylinder is empty or expired, remove the label wrap by pulling on the perforated strip. An EMPTY sticker will be revealed along with FREE return shipping instructions. After removing the label wrap, simply install the eco M/T plug by twisting it into the cylinder valve. This will release any excess gas that may be in the cylinder. Leave the plug installed for shipment. This offers additional safety assurance to the carrier, or otherwise, that the cylinder is empty and non-hazardous. Do not discard the eco M/T plug. Keep it in a safe place to use when returning the ecosmart cylinder. Every ecosmart cylinder comes with one of these nifty gadgets. No extra charge. In fact, returning ecosmart cylinders is completely FREE.


  • Part #: MT
  • Material: Plastic
  • Valve Inlet: C-10